Abkant Press

What is Abkant Press?

Abkant Press is a piece of manufacturing equipment used for shaping a sheet that bends the sheet metal raw material to the desired form. Abkant press takes shape by pressing between two molds, and the molds used according to the customer's request may vary and can grow or shrink in this variability. The use of inexperienced people in this work, which usually has large dimensions, can be dangerous and the worker should be careful.

With the developing technology, the control of computers on machines is increasing rapidly. The information to be applied is integrated into the device from the CNC Abkant Press control panel and an animation is obtained on the device screen with this information, and this animation will show the final product of the product.

What are the advantages of Abkant Press?

• To be able to produce more than one twist consecutively.
• Manual and fast stop adjustments.
• Adjustable twisting speed.
• Entering the desired dimensions on the panel.
• It is suitable for heavy working conditions.
• Quality, fast and easy to do.

What are the usage areas of Abkant Press?

• Automotive and shipping industry sector.
• Machine manufacturing.
• Spare part.
• Airframe.
• Metal Accessories.
• Pieces of furniture.
• Elevator parts.
• Architecture and Advertising sectors.
• It is quite possible to see that parts produced from Abkant press machine are used in many sectors.

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