Metcom Aluminum
Metkom Aluminyum has been serving in the metal industry sector for more than 20 years.
High technological equipment, technical information support and fast delivery service. Company, which specializes in mechanical treatment, joint grouting, sizing and all kinds of decorative processing. Stainless steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Sheet, Black Sheet, Press Brake, CNC Fiber Laser cutting, CNC Guillotine cutting, Welding, Gas Welding, Electrostatic Powder Paint and many other sheet processing operations.
Our Vision
To be an aluminum and metal solution partner that provides the most qualified service by creating innovative solutions with our technological capabilities.
Our Mission
Respectful to the environment, maximizing competition and to ensure that our “Trust, Quality, Service” values are fully included in all our activities.
Why Metkom Aluminum?
• Fully integrated facility
• High capacity production
• Wide product range
• Alloy competencies
• High quality
• Wide machine park
• Professional service
• Support of project
• Support of Design
• Fast and timely delivery
• Reasonable prices