Expanded Plate (Mesh)

What is Expanded Plate (Mesh)?

Expanded Metal (mesh) is a material with excellent light and air permeability with its special hollow texture. Mesh, which is generally used as a construction, is one of the important products that the industry brings to the field. Various knitting types, surface and material differences add a different visuality to Mesh products.

Mesh, which is an indispensable material in the industrial field, achieves a result in every field, it realizes its own production of many products with milk to metal defined by Metkom Aluminum & Metal Industry and it comes out on time.

What are the usage areas of mesh materials?

Construction industry
• Facade
• Food industry (for transportation and freezing)
• Metal and Machinery industry
• Architectural Ceilings

What are the Advantages of Expanded Plate (Mesh)?

• A modern look is achieved.
• It’s flexible and malleable.
• A strong low-maintenance material.
• Useful on facades.
• Useful for artistic purpose.
• Can be colored as desired.

Why Metkom Aluminum & Metal Industry?

Our company, which presents metal products shaped by wide range of products and expert staff to its customers, offers permanent solutions with perfect products and timing according to the needs of customers in Mesh.

Metkom Aluminum & Metal Industry, which has a specialized working team, has the infrastructure that can be delivered on time and how important it is for customers.

The company, which always stands behind the quality service and products it offers to customers, has accepted customer satisfaction as the last stage of the product.